Always up to date, always focused on you

Sometimes we prepare a top international keeper for the Olympic Games. At other times, we teach a goalie from the D2 team the intricacies of keeping. We do both with the same amount of pleasure and passion. And according to the same vision: the Drijver Goalie System.

Thanks to this system you can be sure you will always get the best keepers’ training, in line with the latest developments in hockey. Never compromise on quality!

This is what you can expect!

  • The best exercises and drills to get you to a higher level.
  • Tailored exercises for goalies of different ages and abilities.
  • High-quality training with a clear roadmap.
  • Focus on all aspects of goalkeeping: technical, tactical, physical and mental.
  • Creative, varied and challenging exercises. Keeping = fun!
  • Exercises are always up to date, and suited to modern hockey.
  • Extensive knowledge of club hockey and top international hockey.
  • Innovative use of resources and training materials.
  • Didactically strong trainers, trained by Martijn.
  • An atmosphere that is safe and you can trust, with constructive and patient trainers.
  • Personal attention for every keeper, at every level.
  • One vision, one methodology, one goal: to improve every keeper!