A better goalie in a single day

As a goalie, you are invaluable for your team. A couple of hours’ extra training, from top trainers? That will make you even better. A few times a year, Martijn and his trainers run challenging clinics in clubs across the whole of the Netherlands.

Clubs – please note! The Drijver Goalie Academy can also organise a tailored keepers’ clinic, especially for your keepers. Then they will keep goal with more enjoyment and more confidence. Happy keepers = happy team = happy club.


Good to know >> for keepers

  • For goalies from the age of 9 to veterans. All levels welcome!
  • Everything is focused on your goalie skills.
  • Clinics vary from a couple of hours to a whole day.
  • Challenging programme, led by professional trainers.
  • All exercises follow the Drijver Goalie System.
  • High-tech resources, including Crazy Catch, Katchet, ball canons and rebound boards.
  • In the winter, keepers’ clinics in a sports hall.
    Work hard, play hard! Learn lots, and have lots of fun.
  • Work hard, play hard! Learn lots, and have lots of fun.

Good to know >> for clubs

  • A clinic at your club, especially for your keepers? We can make it happen!
  • The Drijver Goalie Academy can provide you with a full team of trainers.
  • We can also involve your own club trainers in the clinic.
  • A top keeper like Sam van der Ven as a special guest? Let us know.
  • Inspiring and educational for both keepers and club trainers.
  • Nice boost for the ‘keepers’ know-how’ in your club.
  • Give your club’s keepers the attention they deserve!
  • Interested in the possibilities of a clinic at your club? Then please get in contact.