Unique concept for trainers and clubs

As a trainer, how do you ensure you deliver a challenging keepers’ training every time? You can devise drills and exercises yourself, but it makes more sense to get a subscription from Drijver Goalie Academy. With the latter, you receive training sessions online, throughout the season—varied, and with a clear structure for the whole season.

Are you taking out a subscription as a trainer or a club? Then you are not only investing in your keepers, but also your own knowledge of goalkeeping and delivering training. It’s a win-win situation!

What does the basic package consist of?

  • 25 training sessions for advanced keepers
  • 3 varied exercises per training session
    All exercises/drills follow our Drijver Goalie System

Extra modules

  • 25 training sessions for beginners
  • 10 training sessions for experts
  • 5 training sessions for young children
  • 10 warm-up exercises
  • 10 specialist training sessions, including penalty corners and shoot-outs
  • 7 indoor training sessions

How does it work?

Is a subscription something for you or your club? Get in touch, and we will be happy to tell you more!